Waste Management

The team at AWARENESS has been conducting studies on waste management for a while and the outcomes have led us to believe if wastes are tapped properly there will be drastic drop in landfills.

We have identified a process for trapping institutional wastes:

  1. Identify – Locate all the restaurants and loop down to an app.
  2. Train – Impart the training to ensure the kitchen waste is segregated. By ensuring a proper training to manage the waste at the source by reducing, recycling and reusing. A Waste audit can be conducted. Empower people about their consumption
  3. Mobilize – Collect and move the waste to waste processing centre. Mobilize door-door collection, help in waste processing.
  4. Convert – Compost, Bio digestion and eco friendly burning. Use daily dumb of segregation products, to manage the waste and covert into high-quality compost wherever possible.
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