Individual House Hold Latrines project under SBM

Constructed 650 Toilets for the underprivileged, Balacola Panchayat, The Nilgiris.

The Nilgiris, second largest district in Tamil Nadu for open defecation. Being a hilly terrain moisture content is high and composting is time consuming process, due to this the excreta becomes a breeding place for files and insects. To address this we constructed 650 toilets covering 46 Villages under SBM.

Adv. L Krishnan. receiving award from Smt. Innocent Divya (I.A.S), District Collector, The Nilgiris . For IHHL project under SBM.

Total families benefited :650  No of people benefited: 2850

Benefit for the society:
Zero open defecation in these villages and has also helped the senior citizens.

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